My PB Story

Beautiful story 1

i started wearing premium beautiful (PB) was november 2011..

Reasons :- i gain 8kg in 2 months after had miscarriage. even though my appetite was normal.
                  the saddest part was..friends & relatives thought i was still pregnant since i gain so much!
                 i have tried herbalife and also litchin de bella...but failed and also with side effects..
                 irregular periods after miscarriage.

# litchin: i had diarrhea nearly everyday ( 2-3x a day) ,insomnia, headache
#herbalife : i was so hungry..even though after taking herbalife,.I understand, it was supposed to         replace meal. .but instead,i ate more because i was so hungry!  

My sister suggested me wearing pb..i was skeptical at first, because it cost me rm2000. After being persuaded by her, 1 month later i decided to buy pb..(after pujuk hubby too..hehe) .
Sis told me, "anggap ni lifetime investment for every woman ".

its so simple..i just wear the whole set for 8hrs a day..n drink at least 8 glasses of water a day!
Alhamdulilah, after 2 weeks, i was back into shape....and total lost of 8kg  in 2 weeks.. many collegues noticed the more was asking me the is premium beautiful!

Not only losing weight, I noticed my chronic back pain was gone! feels more energetic , I started being more positive, more confident with myself.

In Jan 2012, my period start to become regular..and alhamdulilah, i was UPT positive in early feb 2012 ..

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