Friday, September 21, 2012


hi mommies.. SYAWAL just ended...but the jovian mandagie raya collection craze is still being the talk of the town..especially on facebook.. this is because jovian has launched his aidiladha collection during his jovian raya open house recently

me, like most of the girls out sure very keen n excited to wear this designer outfit..its so affordable for a very talented fashion designer..but as most of u now in my 3rd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy...even though i would really love to have his beautiful raya collection (at least ...1) ,i cant really decide which size i would fit after it M or L?

the other day, i surf the and was so excited to see the jovian aidiladha collection are also available there...but oh dear, i was wondering... would i fit into M size after delivery? what if i didnt get my shape back?

or maybe i will become a bigger size,L perhaps? Hehe..dalam hati bersemangat nak kurus after delivery..well i really2 cant wait to see this baby also get back into shape..x sabar nak pakai PB nanti masa pantang! at the same time would want to eat healthy again..hehe

so, for now..i can only drool on the JOVIAN MANDAGIE collection..#sigh# maybe its not my rezeki yet....its ok =)