Wednesday, October 19, 2011


dear bloggers who are reading my entry at this moment..

the clock has just pass 1am...i wonder why im not sleeping yet..oh yes,i fell asleep earlier at 8.30pm because of exhaustion...and i woke up 2hours later..and after preparing food for arissa,i just cant shut my eyes..

i've been a busy beee...havent had the time to take care of myself either..i mean no pampering me time..i wish im more energetic...sometimes,i kinda feel im getting older..hehe..
anywAy time flies,next month my lil girl will turn 1 and half years old..and my cute neice,arianna will be 1 yr old..

Friday, July 1, 2011

diapers review.

i decided to write about baby diapers today..
i know some of my friends is a new mom and some going to be a mommy soon..
so,this is just to help them decide regarding the diapers available in the market..

my little girl,arissa is quite lucky becoz her skin is not that sensitive.i heard from some of my cousins and friends,their baby's skin is so sensitive,they have to be extra careful in choosing lotions/talcum/diapers..

1) mamy poko
its a bit expensive,but very good in absorption and didnt cause any irritation. I used mamy poko in the first month.masa tu ,arissa is still small.and i dont want her to have rashes.

2) Pureen 5

this brand is quite good in absorption. I was first introduced to this brand after delivery.SDMC was supplying pureen 5 for us. The price is affordable but it's a bit hard to find. it's only available in selected dept stores.

3) huggies

My little girl is allergic to huggies..whether its huggies ultra/comfort. they have nice cartoons on the diapers which is attractive..hehe..It's a bit thick..

4) Pet pet
So far, pet pet is the best brand for my little girl. Its also affordable. The thickness is just perfect. I love the design on the diapers too. the absorption is so good, it can last 6-8 hours.

5) Drypers

i tried diapers when arissa was 4 months old.At that time,it was thin and the absorption was not good.Arissa has rashes too..

BUT.....i tried drypers again when arissa is 1 year old..the diapers quality were impoved tremendeously. I think they have improvised the was thicker than before and it has good absorption. This is my second choice after pet pet.

6) Pampers Comfort
This diaper is quite affordable but its a bit thin. If ur baby didnt pee that much, its a good brand.

## i've tried few other brands too but the others are not worth mentioning ..not suitable for most babies because they cause rashes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A lost....

Salam everyone...sorry been really quiet lately...i was hooked up with lots of things..just wanna share  regarding a lost..

i was pregnant 9 weeks...the first day i had bleeding, i told myself..

" something is not right...i never had early pregnancy bleeding during my 1st pregnancy"

oh..btw, it was unplanned pregnancy for n hubby didnt plan to get 2nd baby as my lil girl still needs our attention...however, my menstrual cycle became haywire..and i was "accidentaly" pregnant..

We have mixed feelings at first..

.can we raise 2 kids at this moment?are we ready for the 2nd child?how will arissa adapt with sharing our love with a sibling?

However,we accept the news and was excited =) 

ok2..back to the story of my lost..i had a motherly instinct, there's something wrong with my fetus..i hope the bleeding wont lead to misscariage..the ultrasound scan looks,i console myself to be positive, it did work for 1 week.

1 week later..the bleeding still persist (just staining  my panty liner every day) i went for 2nd scan, the doctor told me..." i think u had missed misscariage. i advice for d+c"

At first i was not sad...coz i had the feeling earlier that i will somehow lose this fetus..i calmly went back to kl the next day, to see my gynae consultant...I was admitted to hospital and my gynae decided to wait for a day...

At 3am that morning, i felt contraction pain...and i passed out 6 big blood clots..and placenta...It was, d+ c done at 10.30 am...

I was accepting this calmly..til the night after d+c..i cant sleep, and i heard babies crying..the next room patient has delivered..suddenly i cant help myself..i cried myself to sleep..The next few days,i start to recover from grief. I accept the fate,Allah knows whats best for us..It's all to test our IMAN..

A lost is still a matter, how small or how invaluable the things are..Sometimes,we simply didnt appreciate something til we lost it...

im sure everyone experience this moment before..we didnt appreciate a thing like a pen,an old watch..but once we lost it, we felt sad n started to reminisce the good times together..but we move on sooner or later...=)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

mummy's experience..

hi dear friends..
i just want to share few of my experiences being a mother..especially to working mothers..
Nobody says being a mother is easy, nor hard..with time and experience,insya allah we improve.
We do make mistakes too,now and then..but we eventually learn from it..


- Breast milk is the best milk for babies..i have problems to continue exclusively breastfeeding my child for more than 6 months..Its due of my milk supply and busy hectic work..inssuficient pumping,stress , lack of sleep and rest contribute to the failure of exclusively BF..

so,i gave my child formula milk + BF..alhamdulilah,not much problem after that..but i wish i could fully bf my next baby til 1 year ++.


- I was based in selangor, my parents took care of my little girl from birth til she reached 7 months..She was never sick,she has no eating problems and most importantly she's happy because of all the attentions she gets..

BUT..things started to change once we're transferred to unite with my hubby in Labuan..i have no choice, but to send my lil arissa to nursery because im working..starting from that point, the challenges started to come one by one..Arissa fell sick often,once in 2 weeks..She doesnt want to eat or drink that much..And most importantly,she's not happy! A mother could tell how her daughter feels..and i could feel Arissa's feeling..SHe's missing her grandparents!

Few times,i cried coz kesian kat arissa..few times, i had to take emergency leave coz she fell sick..There's a time she fell at nursery n bruised her face..a mother's heart shattered every time this kind of thing happen to her child...

Luckily,hubby is soo understanding and supportive...and we never give up..we hop from 1 nursery to the other, to find the best nursery..and alhamdulilah,we found the best nursery for her..SHe loves the caretaker there and also her new friends..She always smiles happily every time i send her..


-my lil girl, arissa is a picky eater..just like her mama..hehe..She doesnt want to eat the same food in the same day..she likes,i have to invent new recipes that she loves..A bit tiring at first, but once i see my lil girl loves the food ,i feel soooo happy and relieved..

Oh eats a little during teething period..and sometimes fall sick too..teething period needs a lot of mother's patience..

- I read in a baby book, parents should talk to the baby since birth because babies can understand.
I find this true..sometimes when my baby is naughty,i scolded her and shows "NO" gesture..She will sit down quietly and hug me,Konon pujuk mama lah..hehe..When she misses me or her papa, she will kiss our cheeks..
A baby's laugh or smile really can make u forget ur problems/ hectic work...=)

I love u,my little girl..Arissa Maisara..Mama will try to be a better mom k =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memories are meant to be shared

sorry for not updating my new blog..been tied up with work,etc..2010 has been a great year for me..
i hope 2011 will bring more happiness,joy,success and health ..

this are the summary of my 2010..

My twin sister got married this was a sweet n beautiful wedding..akad nikah at home and reeption at concorde hotel..i was 7months pregnant at that time,this explains the chubbiness of my face..hehe..

it was also my 26th birthday, we celbrated it (all 6 of us..including the newly weds) at san francisco pizza..


thanks my dearest friends and sister for organizing my baby shower before i deliver..
i love it sooo much..the food was delicious, good company =)


An addition to our small family,my daughter..arissa maisara..born on 6th may,via vacuum at SDMC..I choose the name arissa which means strong ,aiman choose maisara which means happiness..thanks hubby for being there in the labour room for nearly 1/2 day..


june is a busy month for my confinement days are well occupied with lots of activities.

1) aki 's 80th grand birthday celebration

2)  first wedding anniversary (belated celebration)
 a simple celebration.just the two of us at hilton kl..

 3) my bestfriend's wedding (alia weds fazli)

a very sweet couple united as hubby n wife..

lil arissa's white pink..sweet n simple ceremony..thanks everyone for coming..most people loves the small buai n deco..

our first raya with lil arissa..kecoh jugak..susah nak bagi dia pakai baju kurung..hehe..

  im officially an auntie of arianna sofea,azwa's littls girl.the fun part  is we have out girls day out with ibu in the afternoon n she has labour symptoms that night.

i was transferred to labuan november was sad to part from my family..especially to part my 7months old daughter with her grandparents that took care of her since birth...

My mom's birthday..i celebrated it from far by sending her a bouquet of glad she likes it =) also bought her a handbag..

december  also is a sad month as i got to know that one of my good friend finally died after few years battling with cancer,lymphoma.. he is a dear friend that i looked up to ,because of his strong determination during his battle with cancer..he is mas afzal ..alfatihah~

it has been a good year and i will cherish every moments in my life  forever..

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi everyone. its new year,2011 i decided to change my blog.
for anyone who has been following my blog http://nazween, ,
hope u like my new blog as much as the previous one.