Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Bottles Review

my baby dah big girl now..alhamdulilah,she's not so fussy compared when she's smaller..i mean fussy in bottles...masa kecik2, susah btol nak bagi bottle feed (EBM) .She stills wants straight at the breasts..,masa tu i started working..tried so many brands of that baby girl wants EBM from bottle..

 so here goes my opinion regarding baby bottles

this is the first bottle i was on discount..i was pregnant at that time,ada sale! i bought it coz ada,masa mula2 tu try bottle ni,my little girl rejects...sbb bentuk tak mcm breasts..

- this bottle mimics a mother's, if mommies out there still breastfeed, this bottle is the best choice so that baby wont have confusion between our cik B n Bottles ...i used this bottle for arissa from 3 months til 1 year.. if im not mistaken pack of two is
RM 50.90

3) MAM
-this is my has beautiful colourful designs..n has anticolic vent below,so prevent colic...once my lil girl x nak breastfeed, about a year plus..she loves this bottle..kalau botol lain, dia x nak.  so, i have about 6 designs of this bottles..n i love the selections of teats im using X size..pack of 2 70z is rm62.90

4) Dr Brown's..
-i tried this bottle ..saje beli satu yg has a weird shape skit..ada one long tube kat dlm bottle to prevent colic...but my lil girl x suka this bottle..

5 ) pigeons bottles

My lil girl used to like this bottle..but because this bottle is not fully BPA free  ,i stopped giving her
 milk in this...

So,i have lots of types of baby bottles because of my fussy girl.. hehe..hopefully can recycle n reuse for 2nd duit,,=)

Signing off..nak teman lil girl main ipad...