Friday, January 27, 2012

2012...a new beginning

2012...hopefully a good year for me..

2011...has been a busy,stressful year for me..let bygones be bygones...

this year im hoping n dreaming of a wonderful year, full of happiness ,wealth n health.
as most of my good friends know...i had miscariage middle of last year..since then,i gained tremendous weight for 6 months..due to hormonal changes..most of people thought i was pregnant, when i actually lost my periods became irregular too..due to stress at work too, i had terrible migraines..i was not happy at all.

but started end of the year, i make a BIG DECISION in my life..i decided to invest rm2k for a peice of thought, " why do u waste ur money in the corset?  "  Actually,i was also skeptical at first..but i did it..n i never regret any of it...cause now,im happier =)

I lost weight 5kg in 1 month...just by wearing this wonderful premium beautiful corset for 8 hours a day n also drink lots of water.. no sliming tea/drink.. n i have body measurements were all smaller..all my clothes now look BIG for me..

for jeans: size 32 change to size 28
for pants : had to wear belt coz its too loose now.
for readymade baju kurung : from size 40 to 36 ,or from m size to 3/xs.
for readymade blouse : from L SIZE TO M size or S size..

many friends n family noticed the differences in me..when i gain weight, i dont feel like meeting friends or family..i hide my big size under long cardi's ...but now,i feel confident with myself.

my period has becoming more regular...insya allah, hoping for a new star in the family following my regular period...

i have gain extra income for savings in future,alhamdulilah..

and now,i can afford one extra designer bag =) 

healthy and happy! this is how i felt starting 2012..hope it will continue til the end of the year.

and i hope for more zuriat..or in further studies..