Thursday, December 20, 2012

i love peach!

me wearing peach ladorn shawl
hi n assalamualaikum everyone.

time flies baby boy is already 2mnths ++.. my little girl
 (who called herself "kakak"..hehe)  is 2 n 1/2 yrs already.
.oh,how i felt the title of this entry,im going to share about my favourite colour ! my current favourite..PEACH..

i do love peach or soft pink..i used to have lots of clothes in this colour,but when i started to gain weight after my miscarriage middle of 2011, i stopped wearing them...

i think, most of u know my story about my weight loss sucess..alhamdulilah,im still maintaining my weight =) even though dah habis pantang and i have started to eat everything that i feel like eating..teringin itulah..teringin ini lah..hehe..

So now, i love peach again =) coz i dont look fat in it anymore. bila bdn chubby, asyik pakai dark colours im happy n more confident wearing light colours, especially white n peach ..
i bought myself a beautiful peach long shawl from ladorn..want to find beautiful outfit to go with it..anyone knows where to find pretty,elegant nice shirt or blouse in let me know! =)

 pic at fitting room