Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Arrival of Our New Bundle of joy!

its been 2 weeks ++ now..i've been a bit busy with 2 kids around the house,didnt have much time to blog about my new baby boy earlier...
 alhamdulilah, the delivery is much easier than my first delivery..
ive prepared myself earlier too, as early as 36 weeks. Keep on asking for tips from friends too..
i started taking air kelapa muda coconut oil.. since 37 weeks..
Also started window shopping (err..i mean walking a lot..hehe), climbing up stairs...

during my 38 weeks appointment at sdmc..i had regular contractions, but my cervix was only 2cm dilated and still thick..Dr delaila told me to come back once the contraction becoming more frequent and intense..I went back home and the contraction was there on and off,but couldnt sleep well that night. I had bloody show from afternoon til that night..

so the next day, me n aiman decided to go to SDMC..i was admitted to the labour room.but CTG shows that my contractions become irregular..So dr delaila decided to induced me to help me with labor. At first,i didnt want any epidural..because i had bad experience during my first delivery, i had overdose of epidural until i cant push and cant even feel my felt like being paralysed half body...So, this time, i told the anaesth..i want to feel the contraction a lil least i know how to push the baby out.

and indeed..i felt the contraction a lil..and when my cervix was dilated til 8-9cm, i could feel sharp pain at my left side pelvic bone  until i shivered and cried...i Told hubby,i cant stand the pain and he called the nurse.. Nurse told me, it could be pressure pain (as the baby's head went down). So she checked me again, i was already fully dilated.. (from 8cm to fully dilated in just 30mins)

They called dr delaila n she came in 10 mins after that..i had 4 nurses around me like cheerleaders. ."1..2...3....push"  Hubby was besides me all the way,reciting doa together with me..I pushed hard twice,but baby didnt come out..Dr delaila told me, baby's head is in left occiput transverse position. She adviced me for vaccum, to turn the position of baby's head. I was in pain, so i agreed..

Dr D : patut baby u tak u left occiput transverse..i guna vaccum ye, sbb if u push jugak, susah baby nak kluar in this position.

(no wonder sakit belah kiri everytime contraction)

Me: ok..ok...anything.... as long as the baby is out..

then she inserted the vacuum, after 2 push, baby is out.. i could hear my baby cries ..i was so relieved coz the pain dissapear immediately after ..i was so tired,i only had a glimpse at my baby...he's quite small from my 1st baby. He only weigh 2.79 kg.. When the nurses placed my baby boy on my chest, i could see him clearly..My lil baby boy!

Thank u allah for the experience of labor..i had the chance to feel both painless labour (my 1st pregnancy) and painful labour (this time) ..Its amazing experience that only a mom could understand =)