Friday, March 8, 2013

Never too far away...

salam everyone.

before i forget , just want to wish every woman reader, "happy women's day!"
We are so special....we have our own day..hehe..i dont think there is men's day..

im still in the melancholy phase...the usual phase after sending my hubby to airport.
It has been my routine since 3+ years ago..sending my hubby to airport every month.
I think most of you knew about my story.but to those who dont, let me recap or summarise it.

my husband works at petronas methanol labuan since he's back from UK 4 years ago.
We were in long distance relationship..he was sent to labuan, and i stucked at hospital kajang to complete my internship..after nearly 2 years of LDR, i decided to make a big decision in my career. I decided to transfer to Labuan, just to be close to my hubby. My lil girl was 7 months at that time.

After 1 year and 7 months reunited as family in labuan, we went back to LDR. I was accepted to masters program in UM, so i had to go back to semenanjung. Hubby was happy for me, but at the same time both of us were a bit skeptical about the decision since we will be staying far away..AGAIN..
i was 4 months pregnant (our 2nd child) at that time.... Discussions...istiqarah..and tawakal....
At lasts, we decided its Allah qada n qadar ....Aiman said,why not just go with the flow..
.And til now.. we're still in LDR..if all of you wonder, let me give u a clue...Arissa will be 3 years old this coming May. and Ammar is now 5months++.

People kept on do we managed to do it? My answer will always be.." it was never easy."
i would be lying if i say im ok with it..neither of us are OK with that fact...but we keep on going and believing that great things will happen to people who are patient..

sometimes i envy people who can wake up every morning besides their times, i do break down n cry...that is the time when i turn to Allah ,it helps to make me feel better.
So, enough with my i wanted to share tips on how to deal with LDR?
This is based on my personal experience and readings...

1)  Communication
- let it be skype, video calls, calls, sms,whatsapp....dont let distance make u feel that u cannot communicate or cannot share stories...

2) Keep yourself busy.
- if u have children, spend quality time with them. If u have a hobby, do keep yourself occupied with it.

3) Keep calm and Have Faith
always have faith in your spouse. always think that he/she in the other end is always missing u badly.
Have faith in Allah SWT. ..Allah knows we can handle these obstacles. Never stop praying ..always make doa..

4) Patience
- this is something im trying to learn. haha..i always questioned Aiman.." bila nak transfer?"
"bila nak balik sini?"
i know sometimes he is also annoyed..hehe....but he always replied calmly.. "inshaa Allah soon.never stop praying k"
I am trying to be more patient, insha Allah..

5) Appreciate the quality time together
My husband came back sometimes only for a short trip (4 days only) or sometimes for a longer period (2 weeks..yeay!!) So when you have the chance to see each other, spend it wisely =)

6) Be positive 
Always reset your mind, everything going to be alright. Everything is OK..Negativity will only make u far apart. I do watch motivational talk occasionally,especially from Prof Dr Muhaya.

7) Be grateful Always.. 
-this is what my mom always taught me and keep reminding me..

"always bersyukur, ada orang yang lebih teruk dari kita"

everytime i complain hubby jauh, mom will say, u are more lucky than orang lain yang hubby kena kerja overseas yang hanya boleh balik 3 months sekali...or setahun sekali..

Hope my tips will be useful for anyone in LDR. but as i said, it was never easy...but we must keep on going.
Life is too short to be sad or frowning..hehe. Why not be happy instead and be grateful of what we have,right? =) Im grateful of what i have, a loving and understanding husband...and 2 kids =)

this is our latest picture (4 of us). Abang sayang, i miss u already!XOXO


  1. Awwww..kinda sad.but look at d bright side.sometimes there are pros in LDR.couple argue less..more time for in u hv more time to study..exercise..spend time w ur parents n siblings.and when d two of u meet,it will be like falling in love all over again.u tend to appreciate ur partner more than d ordinary couple.i baca ur story pon sweet sgt mcm bercinta okeh.huhu.dats my opinion la.but taking care of 2kids on ur own is tad exhausting but i believe dat women are tough creature.b strong n insyaAllah things will fall into place one day

    1. thanks diah :) yup btol..long distance makes me appreciate my spouse more. ...especially when we get to see each other after a month x jumpa..yes true,i havr time for myself..cuma i pity my kids esp my toddler..slalu miss her dad..

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