Monday, March 18, 2013

lets be more organised.

salam everyone..
for the past few years..this has been one of my new years resolution..
to be more organised..
but i still failed..

however, i have found few tools that i think will help me..insha allah..

1) bag organiser

this is so useful especially when u have a big handbag...well my days of bringing small handbags are over after having kids..hehe..even though the kids bag is so spacious.i still feel comfortable bringing some of the things in my handbag.

i do find this organiser helpful so that its easy to find things in the bag..xdelah meraba raba cari brg dlm bag always happen to hubby gave me car keys and parking ticket..i end up searching for it in my bags for minutes..haha.

many brands of organisers are available in the market.mine is from gin and jacque.they have few compartments, for pens,lipsticks, purse and many more.. i just love the choices of colours..mine in purple, my fav colour!

2)daily planner or to do list

ok ..i know its 2013! we have our smartphone to jot down all this things to do list , me naive..or backdated..hehe..but i still love writing it down on a paper..thats why i have this daily planner and to do notes...remind me of things to do,chores,etc ..
when we multitask, sometimes we kinda forget few things.(im getting older ...)
i bought both of this from MPH Bookstore.
Insha allah later will customised this stationary from  Dear Azalea..suka sgt the designs from Dear Azalea. U can visit their facebook page.

i hope with this new tools i have..will help me be more organised....=)

Lots of love,Azween

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  1. i nak tiru u bole x..trying to be more organized