Friday, July 1, 2011

diapers review.

i decided to write about baby diapers today..
i know some of my friends is a new mom and some going to be a mommy soon..
so,this is just to help them decide regarding the diapers available in the market..

my little girl,arissa is quite lucky becoz her skin is not that sensitive.i heard from some of my cousins and friends,their baby's skin is so sensitive,they have to be extra careful in choosing lotions/talcum/diapers..

1) mamy poko
its a bit expensive,but very good in absorption and didnt cause any irritation. I used mamy poko in the first month.masa tu ,arissa is still small.and i dont want her to have rashes.

2) Pureen 5

this brand is quite good in absorption. I was first introduced to this brand after delivery.SDMC was supplying pureen 5 for us. The price is affordable but it's a bit hard to find. it's only available in selected dept stores.

3) huggies

My little girl is allergic to huggies..whether its huggies ultra/comfort. they have nice cartoons on the diapers which is attractive..hehe..It's a bit thick..

4) Pet pet
So far, pet pet is the best brand for my little girl. Its also affordable. The thickness is just perfect. I love the design on the diapers too. the absorption is so good, it can last 6-8 hours.

5) Drypers

i tried diapers when arissa was 4 months old.At that time,it was thin and the absorption was not good.Arissa has rashes too..

BUT.....i tried drypers again when arissa is 1 year old..the diapers quality were impoved tremendeously. I think they have improvised the was thicker than before and it has good absorption. This is my second choice after pet pet.

6) Pampers Comfort
This diaper is quite affordable but its a bit thin. If ur baby didnt pee that much, its a good brand.

## i've tried few other brands too but the others are not worth mentioning ..not suitable for most babies because they cause rashes.