Friday, November 23, 2012

Its my weight loss lies....

Salam everyone..what a beautiful friday evening..
weekend is coming soon..hope all of you enjoy your weekend..

As requested by many..friends ,relatives & collegues..i have updated my blog..
to share the secrets of my weight many of u are excited, i am also excited and still cant believe it myself ..whatever it is,im thankful to Allah SWT that make all of this happen too.

As most of u know,i just delivered a baby boy on 29th Sept 2012. In total, i have lost 11kgs in 1 month..(more than the 1st pregnancy). This are few of my pictures before i transform..
few days before delivery
day 4..with the kids

day 4 after deliver..besarnya paha =(

 i believe that we dont lose weight by ONLY 1 WAY ...many factors contributes to the sucess of weight loss. I hope it does help my readers too,insya Allah.. SHARING is CARING..


 for the first 30days of confinement, i mmg ikut pantang makan n minum. I dont drink cold water,only hot drinks for me. I didnt eat the cold stuffs including fruits yg sejuk..

I had the confinement lady only for 5 days, with the tungku, berurut,mandi herba.After that,i just continue with bengkung ..but i didnt use the normal bengkung yang kena ikat tali byk2 tu...I use waist nipper premium beautiful..senang nak pakai..orang yang caesarean pun advisable to pakai..
my meals during pantang

tapi after the 30days pantang, i tak control pun makan. breastfeeding makes u hungry all the time, so i even take 6 meals per day. i tak diet pun or skip meals. I also take lots of chocs n cakes (my fav food)..hehe


i drink lots of water..when i meant lots, many people didnt believe me. i drink 3 litres of water everyday (only plain water). Orang tua2 pantang kata x boleh minum air byk, but the bidan urut told me we need to drink lots of water to reduce weight n for breast milk production.

apart from 3 litres of plain water, i drank hot milo/horlicks/hot cocoa and also juices.

plain water


good digestion is also important to lose weight. if u have problems with indigestion & constipation, ur weight loss process is slower. So i drink nestle nesvita oat drink once a day or nestle bliss 1 cup a day .I only take nestle bliss yogurt drink after pantang because its cold drinks. Many other choices of fibre drinks like lactolite drink. As long as u "go" once a day is fairly good enough!


my fav spot for breastfeeding n pumping session
Many people said breastfeeding helps to lose weight. It works for some people, and does not for many. It is subjective. But i do fully breastfeed my child and also frequent consistent pumping. Breastmilk is the best gift a mom could give to their newborn child. So, support fully breastfeeding ,ok?


This is the best thing that i have invested in! =) Mmg corset ni mahal, but sgt2 berbaloi.
im not saying this sbb i am pb seller, but as a satisfied customer..
Alhamdulilah, tummy cepat kempis..production susu makin byk..breasts x jatuh...lose weight faster.
my back pain sgt2 reduced!
and most importantly, back to anak dara shape!
During the confinement period,i wear it 8 hours a day..sometimes longer! 
After confinement, i still wears it to keep body in shape..

my pb set


i dont do much of i just climb up & down the stairs at least 5 times a day (after habis pantang). 

I also do breeze walking with my lil girl, arissa dlm house compound je..everyday!

I guess not much secret, kan? =) hope it helps you as much as it helps me..alhamdulilah, now im way below my pre pregnancy weight. turun lagi 2 kg, i will be my pre wedding weight. (anak dara balik..hehe).My hubby yg byk puji n noticed the difference, he is now on diet sbb nak catch up with my weight loss..=)

My waist pun shrink now..from size 30 (inches) before only 25.5 inches..i need NEW  pairs of jeans n pants now..

this is the latest me! 

11kgs in a month! =)