Wednesday, May 30, 2012


salam everyone..since i'll be starting my masters program tommorow, i start to panic or worry!so in the midst of the night,i would like to share with u some of my relaxation technique..=)

u know..sometimes we got panic of something..(exams/failure/when u did something wrong..) , or got angry at someone...we need to find ways that can calm ourselves

some people find it in the face of their loved ones..some indulge in good food...i just want to share what i do to calm myself..if i panic or angry...

"manjakan diri mu" doesnt mean u have to spend much,ok? if u are on  tight budget, just a simple body massage or neck massage also helps =)

2) MUSIC...

some people like a slow ballad to calm themselves..some like upbeat music (the choice is yours)

 ..i love my shower at home, the water trickling down slowly...when i close my eyes,i find it so relaxing ..

 (oh,this is one of my fav...but usually i end up buying something on impulse..which is not good..because in the end, the thiing u buy on impulse may not be what u really need)

5)  Sweet IndulGence...
i love indulge myself in yummy choc cake or baskins robbins ice cream..or anything which equals to the yummyness & sweetness..hehe.. (but this is not advisable ,cause it;s not healthy..once in a while its ok)

6) Hot tea

im not a tea person previously...but when i tried ahmad tea from london, i just fell in love with tea.
the light flavour can calm u down fav is english breakfast n earl grey

7) memories..from pictures
- i love to check my camera/hp album when im angry/panic...when i see pics of my family,especially my cheeky daughter, all the worries seems to fly away..small things in life that make a great difference!

8)  hugs & kisses
- some research shows that hugs can calm u down..especially during bad comes from a friend, family, loved ones..i just love HUGS.especially from my hubby + cute daughter !

9) SOLAT...& Zikir
mom always reminded me since i was a teenager til now..
she said to me, "ween, never forget allah ,please pray on time...if u forget HIM or delay ur prayer, allah also will delay his blessings and also forget us.."

solat is a good way to calm ourselves..n dont forget to just take a silent moment for musahabah diri.
.(think of what good n bad things u did today) and cry if u must,if it makes u feel better...

10) blogging & Diary
- when i was in school years, i love to write diary..good & bad memories were jot down..if i panic,or angry..once i wrote what i feel,it makes me feel much2 better..for some people, they blog it ..for me, if its too personal,i wont blog it for the world to read it..i just write it down in my personal diary! =)

it was written randomly...the sequence of no does mean anything! anyway,hope it helps u too..
take care!

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